Why Rednod?

Red is the color of attention.

Nodding is the gesture of approval.

We believe that attention and approval are key to success in competitive, information-saturated markets.


About Rednod

We're a team of marketing and engineering professionals with experience researching, designing and promoting technology products.

We help innovative startups and technology leaders understand emerging opportunities. We work with them to define and build successful products. Then we craft compelling messages and communication strategies for their target audience.

Our clients include both early-stage ventures seeking guidance and acceleration, and industry giants wanting an independent perspective on market trends.

The Team


Alistair Croll, Principal

Alistair has a background in strategic marketing and product management, along with an unhealthy interest in emerging technologies. He's spent the last fifteen years building startups like Coradiant, writing books on web monitoring and Internet performance, and running events like Bitnorth and CloudConnect.

In addition to working with Rednod, Alistair is an advisor to several venture capital firms and a frequent writer and speaker on web analytics, cloud computing, human-computer convergence, and startups.


Alex Bowyer, Research Analyst

Alex is a qualified senior software engineer. Up to April 2010, he carried out research studies for Rednod, specializing in emerging technologies and their social impacts. He also organized events such as Bitnorth and Ignite, and acted as Program Manager for Rednod's projects. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science and 7 years experience as a Software Engineer at IBM UK. He is now a Senior Developer at OpenText.

Alex is passionate about using computers to solve human problems in new ways, and all the things that encompasses – user-centric design, productivity, human-computer interfaces and behavioural psychology.