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Communication Flow

Gone are the days of controlled, one-way marketing. Today, companies communicate with their customers across a wide range of channels, and interaction can happen at any level of the organization. Which can be energizing—or disastrous.

We learn how you connect with your audience, then build systems to make the most of those interactions, ensuring you respond properly every time.

How we do it

We audit the many communication channels between you and your market, testing them for responsiveness the way real users would. Then we define policies and implement tracking tools so nothing gets lost, and the right messages get to the right people.

Why it works

We combine our experience with web monitoring and corporate communications, using an approach we call a flow wiki. This is a "living flowchart" that makes it clear how and where communications are handled, and can be adapted to changing policies and conditions.

What you get

We’ll build the flow wiki defining your message flow policies, and show you how to use it. We’ll also create dashboards, alerts, and feeds to keep you in touch with your audiences.

What does it take?

It takes several weeks to survey of your traditional, online, and social media contact systems, interview your team, and build the flow wiki.

Once we’ve confirmed the policies within the flow wiki, we configure tracking dashboards, then monitor message flows to confirm that the policies are working.