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Industry Intelligence

Want an independent assessment of your market? As analysts, we’ve written seminal research on cloud computing, enterprise collaboration software, load balancing, network performance, and online analytics. As entrepreneurs, we understand how to look at technology markets, unearthing hidden opportunities while separating real threats from minor distractions.

How we do it

We research your company and your competitors, as well as the underlying forces that shape the industry you’re in. Once we’ve identified the major factors in the market, we position you against your competitors along these dimensions. Finally, we suggest ways to mitigate your weaknesses and capitalize on your advantages.

Why it works

We have over fifteen years’ experience understanding emerging technology markets. We know that companies succeed based on a few key dimensions, and that a clear understanding of your competitive and technical environment can make the difference between a market leader and an also-ran.

What you get

We deliver a thorough overview of the market, including a SWOT analysis and a variety of illustrations suitable for use with investors and sales efforts. We deliver our findings to your management team, fielding questions and suggesting market opportunities.

What does it take?

A complete analysis of an industry takes 4-6 weeks. It includes internal interviews, primary and second-hand research, report creation, and on-site delivery.