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Investment Readiness

Startups seeking funding face two big problems. First, they know too much about their business to explain what they do clearly to newcomers. Second, they don’t know enough about what investors require when making an investment decision.

We fix that. We help companies get ready to talk to investors, refining their product roadmap and building a clear business plan. We make sure it’s understandable, and that it lets venture capitalists make a quick, informed decision.

How we do it

We begin by understanding the market you’re in, the unique advantages you have over your competition, and your product roadmap. Then we refine your business model, generating "what if" business plans. We summarize it all cleanly, and help you explain it to others.

This isn’t just for startups - we also help big companies launch new initiatives.

Why it works

As smart outsiders, we’ll give you a fresh perspective. As experienced entrepreneurs, we can identify new business models. And because we’ve worked closely with VCs, we know what questions they’ll need answered.

What you get

We’ll build an interactive business model that captures all the assumptions you’ve made, helping you to experiment with different strategies. We’ll craft a product roadmap. We’ll help position and rebrand your offering, creating a deck for prospective investors. Finally, we’ll show you how to instrument and analyze your key business metrics.

What does it take?

Most engagements last a month or more, and consist of onsite visits and offsite consulting work. In some cases, we help executive teams with the actual investor meetings, fielding questions and following up with additional information.