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Marketing Library

One-size-fits-all marketing doesn’t work any more: messages and collateral must be tailored to the intended audience and the stage in the buying cycle.

Our unique approach, honed from years of work with dozens of companies, results in great collateral that gives the right information to the right person at the right point in the sales process.

How we do it

We map out your sales process, from first interaction to final purchase. We identify the key questions and decision makers at each step of this process. Then we craft concise, compelling materials that guide these people through the process. It’s something we call message mapping.

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Why it works

We start by understanding the way others learn about you, and what it takes to convince them you’re the right choice.

As a result, the materials we create provide just enough detail and explanation. They answer questions and overcome objections. Most importantly, they articulate complex concepts simply, without overwhelming the audience.

What you get

Your marketing library will vary, because your market is unique. In addition to a map of the sales process for each of your products, it may include:

  • White papers to answer detailed questions
  • Separate boilerplate for PR, web, and social platforms
  • Brief and detailed slide decks
  • Spec sheets and brochures
  • Flash animations and audio explanations

What does it take?

Creation of the initial message map requires 2-3 days of work, including an onsite visit. Development of the individual marketing library elements are billed on a project basis, depending on the requirements we discover during the mapping phase.